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Over the years, our clients have requested our counsel on a variety of issues from reputation management to brand awareness campaigns to leadership strategies.  In addition to more than 130 years of major newsroom experience among our staff at Ruane PR, we also offer more than 50 years of public relations and public affairs experience.  The knowledge developed over time has provided great value to our clients, who appreciate working with a group that has been there before and has a point of reference for winning strategies.

Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • X
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube

Ruane PR has a dedicated social media expert to deliver not only client messaging to their target audience, but also post-campaign performance analysis using the most sophisticated platforms available. Social media marketing is now a communications area that requires a level of technology expertise to understand the creative component and strategic direction as well as post-campaign performance in order to measure the success of each individual channel's strategy. Ruane PR offers those capabilities to maximize each of our client's communications objectives.

Media Campaigns

Creating and implementing media campaigns locally or nationally is where Ruane PR excels. The firm has attained record-setting media coverage for clients over the past 25 years, which drives sales, increases SEO, elevates brand reputation and improves employee relations.  The ability to achieve success for clients is hinged on Ruane PR’s creativity, major newsroom experience, media relations expertise and professional writing ability.

(Case studies provided upon request)

Effective Press Releases

A well-written press release should mirror a well-written news story. An overtly-promotional press release will be immediately dismissed by the news media. Ruane PR principal, John Ruane, has written for three major newspapers and has the experience to write press releases that receive consideration from each news media outlet. Over the past 25 years, Ruane PR has generated record-setting media coverage for clients with many of his press releases published in newspapers and trade publications exactly as submitted. He calls it Silver-Platter PR, delivering exactly what is needed by each media outlet, while at the same time, achieving publication of client messaging.

Best PR firm in Atlanta delivers breaking news
Ruane PR delivers unmatched news media coverage

Media Interviews

Once a reporter or producer requests an interview with the client company, Ruane PR has the experience, knowledge and capabilities to fully prepare clients with key messaging and Q&A documents, monitoring interviews to ensure all messages are communicated, while cutting off any combative questions from controversy-seeking reporters. Over the past two decades, those capabilities have helped clients receive positive news coverage, while avoiding crisis.

(Case studies available upon request).

Content Marketing

Creating quality content that best represents your brand is important to ensuring that your key messages and reputation are well defined. Consistently producing quality content, using well-researched keywords about your business and industry, will increase SEO and should be a priority communications objective to help drive your brand onto Page One of Google searches.

Ruane PR content marketing campaigns may include:

  • News media placements (Google’s priority for elevating brands)

  • News media posts

  • Blog writing

  • Website content

  • Consistent press release distribution

  • Creating industry expert newsletter on Substack

  • Social media content: LinkedIn, Facebook, X, Instagram, YouTube.

Ruane PR produces professionally written content for content marketing campaigns
Best PR firm in Alpharetta for content marketing
Ruane PR produces high impact executive byline articles

Executive Byline Articles

Byline articles have proven effective for communicating company capabilities and expertise to the intended audience. Ruane PR will identify, pitch and secure byline article opportunities for your company in publications read by your target audience. Byline articles are one of the most effective ways to promote a business and the expertise of an executive. It's a sure thing. The client is paying for an article that is approved by the editor for publication.

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